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Welcome to Catercraft - A World of Catering Consultancy

My name is Gary and I am the founder of Catercraft and your catering consultant.  A brief introduction about myself and Catercraft.


I am passionate about customer service and operational standards, a perfectionist in many ways but also a realist.  My area of expertise cover many arenas which can be found within 'Catering Services'


My experience is unrivalled and unequelled, from YTS trainee chef through to Managing Director working for household named brands, worldwide multi-nation organisations and knowing the difficulties and pleasure of opening up my own retail, franchise, contract and public catering businesses, I really have done it all and with a lot of pride I can justify my services beyond expectation and obligation.


I first created Catercraft in 1991 and have enjoyed awards and recognition through listening, absorbing and putting into action my clients demands, needs, requirements and wishes.


My passion for customer service and operational excellence will quickly prove to be infectious and welcoming as will my strenghts in communication, deliverence, enthusiasm and willingness to work with you to achieve your ambitions, aspirations and.....profit!


Whether you are a multi national contract caterer or an private individual, I am here to help, advise, listen, work hard and justify with complete confidence my ability to make a difference.


I offer you Catercraft......A World of Catering Consultancy.